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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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people posing with their animals, posing for selfies and choosing serious poses at times. it was installed this morning. it's a group called indy climb and not only here, but los angeles and sooelt, meant to insult or degrade republican candidate donald trump. >> you can it's a sculpture. it's beautiful. our opinion. >> the political field is a rye why the. it's comical. >> it's definitely saying a lot.
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>> reporter: the director of public works says there is no permit for it and things aren't allowed to be glued to sidewalks in the city and it's causing a hazard so it will probably be taken down soon, he used the word tonight. the real donald trump visited law enforcement in statesville, north carolina. he was accompanied by rudy giuliani. later, mr. trump held a rally in charlotte and said something we've never heard from him before. >> sometimes, in the heat of debates, and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words. or, you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and i regret it.
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hillary clinton met with eight leaders m the law enforcement community. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >> according to the survey, if held today, # 1% of registered voters would support clinton. voters in oakland will get to decide on a tax this november. laura anthony is live with the controversy. laura? >> this is a battle of words, if you will. supporters call it a soda tax. opponents call it grocery tax. supporters say that is a lie.
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oakland measure hh is a proposed $0.01 tax but some owners claim it will force them to raise prices across the board. >> this is an ex-presence of which we have to distribute because we cannot compete with big corporations. >> if you raise taxes that tax has to come from somewhere. >> there are scare tackic going on. >> the tax is on didn'tors and only on sugar sweetened beverages. the soda industry is spending millions because they don't want attacks on their problems. a study has yet to be
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completed by the city councilman says there are early indicators. >> just an alliesing 6,000 transactions with no increase. we're seeing a decrease in the purchase of soda. and we're seeing an increase in the sale of healthier drinks. >> so far, berkeley raised $1.5 billion from the soda tax, money spent on programs designed to improve nutrition and prevent diabetes. >> 17 measures qualified so far. a new poll from the institute of governmental studies finds support for a few of those measures. prop 66 would stream line procedures in death penalty cases. that has support of 75% of people surveyed. a measure to replace it only has
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65% now. >> prop 63 would require a background check to purchase ammunition. new at 6:00pg and e is facing a fine of $25 million for record-keeping errors before the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. state regulators say utilities failed to maintain and keep accurate records on that aging pipeline. eight people died. the fine is on top of last year's $1.6 billion penalty. last week a fed al jury found the utility guilty of violations on u.s. pipeline safety rules. >> more roads reopened in the area. 31,000 acres have burned and is
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only 4% contained. mark? >> reporter: at times, the fire line is moving through fire retardant that had been dropped. you can see the situation improving. explosive fire activity fanned by wind, firefighters are protecting homes and railroads. this air attack has been nonstop since this morning. >> it's windy. >> first, kim's home is standing
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after blowing through the area on tuesday. he's picking up where firefighters left off. >> i cannot, you know, the -- i cannot relax now. >> i didn't think it would be here, you know? >> orlando's porch was burned but a majority of the homes were saved. these were hit by the fire but still standing. and the fire taking down miles of power lines. today, crews are working to get the supply restored. >> they're angels. these fire people are angels.
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>> it's close enough to see the a huge plume of smoke, then this one broke out. we're reminded about that mutual aid from across the state the furtherest engine was from sacramento. back to you. >> mark, thank you. and police want to make sure everyone knows they're >> the man who maintained all of the armor for the olympics in rio lost his home in the fire. there is a go fund me account
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the fire started saturday evening. by a suspected arsonist and has charred almost 4,000 acres. exhausted pilots are hoping to rest and we have a behind the scenes of what it takes to be a firefighting pilot. >> a lot of challenges for these guys. they played a key role in helping get at least some control. behind me, planes are tacked up and can be airborne in just four minutes. with 25 trips, he flies solo.
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>> we're trying our best to save people. people are trying to destroy stuff. you know? that is sad. >> knowing an arsonist set the fire is unsettling. >> is it disturbing to know it was an arg onnist on you're putting your life on the line for? >> absolutely. try not to think about that. and deal with the task at hand. >> this dropped 80,000 gallons of retardant. the firefighters say it is dangerous. two years ago, a pilot from san jose crashed and died near yosemite. adding now to the peril are drones. >> drones have been an issue. this we're, if we see those, we have owe to cease air
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operations. >> so far this year in california you're seeing more extremes. >> yes. yes. >> more airplane, more ground resources. more everything. more everything. >> with eight weeks ahead, cal fire wants the public to know you fly. we don't. >> still ahead here at 6:00 efforts to keep memories alive. in honor of bicyclists who have been killed. so it's time to ask for help. >> an update on the debate over a short term solution to san jose police officer staffing shortage. >> a look at a cooling trend for the weekend, coming up. how would you like to save a thousand dollars a year on your
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a nagging shortage over a shortage of officers is offering a solution, hiring outside agencies to help. officers and their chiefs are against it. david louie is live where this debate is playing out. david? >> the thought is why not contract out with the sheriff? that is not as easy as this sounds. >> our community is under siege.
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we wake up to petty crimes in the community and police department management failed us. >> residents don't mince words. they want more officers cracking down on drugs, prostitution, and responding to there is opposition. >> help is not available today. what we need to concentrate on is recruiting and retaining officers in neighborhoods where they're needed. >> the chief saying outside officers may not be sensitive to needs and expectations and would be bound to policies and outside officers would be detrimental to recruiting efforts.
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>> if we're allowed to ask for help, we should do so. >> oakland did it three years ago. but that is only for 90 days. >> people need to understand they're here and they're protect us. tonight, san francisco supervisor is furious to reject a housing plan passed last year would have set aside 40% of all new units for qualified living a half mile from the area. abc7 news was there today when
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the supervisor blasted the decision. >> this is no different than what they tried to do to african americans when denying our access to vote. >> they said it could perpetuate seg regular investigation. >> the stat lifted it's restrictions on water usage. there are signs californians are using more water. groups say that cannot happen. eric? >> do you remember how california wrins got kudos for using more water? now, it's up to districts and not everybody is happy about that. >> at this car wash, they know california is suffering through a drought. >> i've been told to conserve
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water. >> we think everyone has to wash hair every other day and have a 10-minute bath. >> the research group is worried not everyone feels the same way. >> not knowing what actions you can take and you can start picking it. >> the state responded by lifting restrictions and water use again began to creep up. >> we saw savings dip in june. >> suppliers are now free to set their own limits. it's reservoirs are 81% full.
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and if staying where it is now, officials say they won't need restrictions. >> if we look back, we find it takes years for that usage to go back up. >> critics worry districts who set their own goals have no incentive. >> tomorrow is the second spare the air day in a row. you can see fog rolling in. abc7 news app is free for apple and android devices. >> it looks nike out there today. >> spectacular. it's going to look like this for next couple days and inland now and low clouds on the
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coast. this is the view from our camera here 66 across the bay. 72 in morgan hill and 59 in half moon bay. it's 74 degrees in santa rosa. 72 in petaluma. 89 in concord. and here is the view from mount tam. these show foggy areas in the morning. and overnight, lots of fog across the bay and inland. tomorrow, after low clouds and fog lurch across the bay, foggy
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conditions around the bay which probably means reduced visibility there day. high temperatures in the south bay, upper 70s to mid to upper 70s on the east bay shore line, mainly low 70s. sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures bouncing back up by
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wednesday and thursday. >> thank you, spencer. a real estate trend hitting double average last month. >> details on what is different next on abc7 news a america thought our pancakes were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free. that's the denny's love'em or they're free guarantee. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying
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to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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dropping home sales this july, the median price was $700,000 and the typical payment is just under $2500. uber will test out driverless cars by september in pennsylvania. the goal is to reduce with automation as soon as possible. >> media website gawker will shut down, losing a privacy lawsuit, forcing the company into bankruptcy. cally venture capitalist financed the lawsuit. >> the blood centers of the pacific is giving away a red toyota prius to someone who donates by the end of the month.
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they're encouraging donations during the summer. if you want to donate go to blood to make an appointment. >> you'll be glad to know mozzarella is getting a new chance at life. >> the major adjustment for this once abandoned poodle mix. >> how amazing that technology and people can make this happen. truly. >> she went out for a hike and came home in a different way she'd planned. her story of survival, next.
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a helicopter was needed to get a santa rosa woman safely home while she was out, hiking. >> abc7 news explains what she was carrying that helped her get home safely.
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>> . >> reporter: report tarra steele says she's glad she was able to leave at all. it was a case of daughter knows best. >> my daughter requires i have some way of communicating with her. i have a beacon. >> she used it to activate an sos alert. she felt wobbly, tingling and couldn't swallow. she was having a stroke. >> because she had this, we knew where she was. >> i knew landing near her was probably be difficult. >> in this rescue video, you can see what it looked like as the deputy pilot lowered down. >> we're going to put her in a stretcher. >> as being rescued sh is what she saw. >> how amazing that technology
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and people can make this happen. >> we're good to go. >> if someone told me you're welcome to hike but you're going to have a stroke, i would have chosen to do it. that is a magnificent trail. >> even more so, now. >> charges have been dropped against a man accused of making death threats against san francisco's acting chief, he was allegedly calling for the beheading of chief tony chaplain. >> about a dozen protestors took their fight to the state capitol today. it was watched by officers. the group demanded the group repeal the peace officer's bill of rights. >> it works against transparency
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from the officers and help with the community and officers, too. >> the governor was not seen at the event nor any lawmakers. 47 month ofs killed in the united states since the beginning of the year. that is nearly 70% more than the previous year. >> unique contribute united states to bicyclists in san francisco are disappearing. now there is a call on removing so called ghost bikes and for new policies. if you've never heard of a ghost bike, they look like this. chained to the spot where a bicyclist was hit and killed. julie and her family made one for her 21-year-old son, dylan, who died on the streets of san francisco after colliding with a
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truck. >> people would read it, slow down to see it. >> then, one day, it was gone. >> very disrespectful. like throwing my son in the garage. >> she's noticed contribute united states are disappearing and she's introducing a resolution calling on public works to hold off for a year on dismantling memorials. >> i'd like to work something out with the city that they'd permit the ghost bikes provided no ghost bike is posing a public hazard. >> the head of public works says a policy is a two week stay for all makeshift memorials but is open to change. >> if it's art or something that doesn't involve maintenance,
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maybe there is common ground we can look to see what is reasonable. >> julie says the city should stop removing the bikes or erect a permanent memorial for fallen cyclists, like her son. >> a millbrae teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl is out of jail. she's bailed out she worked at taylor middle school as english and drama teacher. the millbrae school district says she's been placed on administrative leave. and reads in part we're cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation. police looking for two women targeting restaurants in walnut creek. you can see two suspects adjacent to the couple's table.
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the woman takes the wallet while her partner looks out. >> she go to a business and use the stolen cards before the victims know they'd been stolen. they've done that in three restaurants. >> know where your purse is at all times. if anyone sees the thieves call police. a dog someone dumped by a dumpster has a new home. staff named him mozzarella because they used the cheegs to coax him out of a crate he was hiding in. a couple adopted him and renamed him ziggy. >>
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do with winning or losing it's about lying. >> next, the new details about what happened to ryan lochte and teammates. >> coming up, how we can save by spending a few hours of our time.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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tonight, bra skillip police are recommending olympians ryan locte and jack conger, surveillance videos shows one swimmer breaking down a door and getting into a fight. lochte initially said he had a gun to his head and now says it was only in his direction. >> let's give these kids a
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break. you know? sometimes you take actions that you regret. >> sources told abc news they were held until paying hundreds of dollars, verified by video. those sources say the brazilian government is lying about what happened. a judge rejected a proposal settlement of a class action lawsuit brought by uber drivers. under the deal, they would have paid drivers up to $100 million. the judge called them unfair. a new deal has been reached between ride hailing companies and the city of dublin. a system will subsidize the fares. the union of drivers objects to using public funds to subsidize
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the drivers. >> here is a question. how much money is your time worth? >> next, michael finney shows how much you can save on homeowners insurance just by california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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how would you like to save a thousand dollars a month on your insure yoons bill? >> when is the last time you shopped around for homeowner's insurance? >> look at these houses. figures show there are just shy of 1.5 million owner occupied homes. that is good but we know many never shop for a better price. that is bad. >> this
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i was being overcharged. >> he says most can save by following his lead. >> we found out most can save $500 to a thousand dollars or more of going with a lower cost company. >> and not just the guys who advertise cheap rates. just another insurance company. >> it's a pain. and this is going to take a few hours. >> the state helps you by comparing rates every year. all have you to do is look it up. >> california there is almost no excuse to not shop around. every year, the state puts out good reports. >> because you're watching now,
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i've arranged for you to check research and advise on this subject. you can check it out on >> today, contra costa county libraries started a book give away. this is the way of clearing out data and 3. >> abc7 news was on the research vessel as the crew prepared to set off from pier 15. scientists will explore coral reefs and look for
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>> we're going to look at places that have never been explored. >> you can follow the mission at naut list live dt org. >> caltrans received a go ahead to implode more parts of the bay bridge. the next could happen in october. >> well, bay area is an artistic place to live. >> this picture of a mural found on osage street.
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>> now, spencer christian. >> let me show you pictures i have painted. sunny skies, clouds at the coast and over the bay. and here in the bay area, sunny skies by afternoon, after a foggy start, highs from about 60s on the coast to mid-70s around the bay to upper 80s inland and tomorrow, the poorest, there it is, panel to pop up there. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler patterns sunday, monday will be the coolest with highs only in mid-80s.
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and a warm up for the remainder of the week. >> all right. we'll have rick quon in tonight. >> you'll hear from coach and a status of collin kaepernick.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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. collin kaepernick will not play in the game in denver. he showed no signs of discomfort but niners don't want to rush him back. >> talking to him he says he heels good but we don't want to throw him back out there so from what we understand, he'll throw a little bit more today and hopefully we can get them back next week. >> niners had packers next week.
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oakland trails 14-3. cal bears open their season in hawaii. cal returns four starters including aaron >> good thing is that brandon does a good job of rotating guys through. and you know, it just comes down to what we've talked about all the time. and being able to play with a bunch of different guys. >> stanford offense, big play
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receiver michael rector returns for his fifth year. he scored 12 touchdowns with 1300 yards. after finishing third, he expected cardinals to be in the national title picture. >> every team wants to be the best in the nation. in january, we think guys that can have a run on it. >> had year, it's better than last year. it means to be in the championship. our defense motto is everybody understands. the standard is very high. >> giants put matt cane on the disabled list with a back train. >> giants host the mets tonight. since the break they're just
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9-21. one bright spot has been the play of bernard span, 19 hits and nine >> he has been playing well here and this guy needed yesterday and this is good to have him back out there. >> the pga championship is underway in north carolina. he's four off the pace. rafa cabrerra, tied for the lead. they cart it seven under par 63. u.s. womens basketball team beat france. next playing spain for the gold medal on saturday. that is sports for now.
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>> no vaccine, no school. efforts by one school district to check immunizations records for thousands of students. >> then at 11:00 an extreme version of keeping up with the kardashians. the bay area accused of cyber stalking kris jenner. and here is what is on prime time tonight. >> and that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening. >> look at this beautiful shot from lake tahoe live. gorgeous. >> see you a little bit later.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are our three finalists -- a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... a sophomore at the university of california, berkeley originally from boise, idaho... and a senior at the university of pittsburgh from jamison, pennsylvania... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] wow. thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, folks. hey, no matter how well you thought the quarter-final games went last week or the semi-finals earlier this week, this, the two-day finals, is really the most exciting part
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of the college championship, because of the payday. at the end of tomorrow's program, one of these three players will be $100,000 richer. there'll be $50,000 for second place and $25,000 for the third-place finisher. so i want to wish you all good luck. here we go. here are the categories for you... yeah, ancient. 1986. [ laughter ] you should do well in that. and finally... sarah, start. uh, translator for $200. japanese for "wearing thing," this garment dates from the 7th century. sarah. what is kimono? good. translator, $400. sam. what is alaska? correct. translator for $600.


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